Monday, October 28, 2013

Challenge: restore Nintendo Mamaberica Stroller flyer

[caption id="attachment_841" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Mamaberica Nintendo Flyer restored by Mamaberica Nintendo Flyer restored by[/caption]

I'd like to take up a challenge once in a while.  Who doesn't?

There is an interesting entry about Mamaberica Nintendo Stroller on Before Mario blog. On his site, Erik shows a badly damaged flyer circa 1970. Sadly, there is only one picture circulating on the net that I'm aware of.

Having a day to spend, I had immediately started working on it. And oh boy, what a challenge it was! Mind you, I'm not proficient with Ps and Ai. But I digress.

Firstly, I begun separating the main image from the background using the Lasso tool by hand. This took about two hours.
Secondly, I had to redraw the Mamaberica logo in Illustrator. This was an easy task. About 15 minutes.

Lastly, there is some writing between the image and the logo. So I had to get the Japanese characters translated. This was probably the most difficult task for me, as I don not speak Japanese. So how did I go about it? Well, I had enlarged the picture to 600dpi and removed the picture noise and sharpen the text. This took about eight attempts. Then, using the open source OCR software I have moved onto translating. Basically, I tried to match the characters visually as best as I could... (how unprofessional of me, I know). But I think I have managed and the final result is for you to enjoy. Below, is an original picture I've been using for this project.

Now I'm asking for help!

And here is where I come to you, the readers, for help. I'd like to remake the second page of the flyer as well. If anyone of you does speak English/Japanese and could help me with translation I'd be eternally grateful. Just drop me a line.

[caption id="attachment_840" align="aligncenter" width="752"]Nintendo Mamaberica original flyer Nintendo Mamaberica original flyer[/caption]

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nintendo GameCube Player's Choice Badge

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1002"]Nintendo GameCube Player's Choice Custom Badge by Nintendo GameCube Player's Choice Badge[/caption]

A small addition to my Video Game Logos section.

As a guide, I had used this image below that I found online. It was being used as an avatar on some gaming forum. All in all, it took me about 30min to redo it.

[caption id="attachment_830" align="aligncenter" width="666"]Nintendo GameCube Player's Choice badge - small resolution image Nintendo GameCube Player's Choice badge - small resolution image[/caption]

Members of VGBoxArt can jump right into my Resources section here.

I'd be happy if you'd credit me if you'll end up using it :)


Friday, October 18, 2013

Nintendo NES NTFS Test Cart photo

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="691"]Nintendo NTFS Test Cartridge scene Nintendo NTFS Test Cartridge scene[/caption]

Some time ago I have rendered this box art. This in an update which includes new background. Render along with games and system immediately behind the NTFS are mine.

Photo of an old TV set: Flickr user: Padraig Croke
Photo of video game wall: NintendoAge forum user Krunch

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mario Kart 64 - eBay, a great source of game box art images

One can't have it all. Not enough time and money. But if you're into box art as I'm, eBay is a tremendous source of video game box art. I happen to stumble upon these good Mario Kart 64 JPN pic the other day.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1526"]Nintendo 64 Mario Kart 64 JPN NTSC/J[/caption]