Thursday, January 31, 2019

Added 15 Sega Genesis covers

Uploaded the following Sega Genesis covers:

  1. Aaahh! Real Monsters
  2. Brian Lara Cricket
  3. Double Dribble
  4. Flashback The Quest for Identity
  5. Last Battle
  6. Master of Monsters
  7. NFL Quarterback Club 96
  8. Pebble Golf Link
  9. Slaughter Sport
  10. Sonic & Knuckles
  11. Streets of Rage
  12. TAZ in Escape from Mars (cardboard box)
  13. TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament 96
  14. Toxic Crusaders
  15. Winter Challenge
These covers pretty much end my rather insignificant Sega Genesis collection.

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  1. Do you have a missing list or a needs rescanned list?

  2. Wow! Your comment ended up in spam for some reason! My answer is probably irrelevant now, but no, I don't have a missing list.